Alexander Carbon – Village Counseling & Wellness
Alexander CarbonMSW Intern

    Alexander Carbon is a Master’s in Social Work (MSW) Intern at Village Counseling and Wellness. He specializes in counseling/life-coaching for individuals seeking self-improvement and has over four years working with adolescents experiencing depression, anxiety, and substance-abuse disorders. He is a firm believer in Dialectical Behavior Therapy as an approach for treating a variety of human sufferings, including that of emotional dysregulation, trauma, depression, suicidal ideation, and anxiety.

    Alexander has learned firsthand the value of DBT skills and enjoys supporting clients in practicing these skills. He observes and strives to implement the ‘beginner’s-mind’ skill as a means for understanding individualized perspectives. Assisting individuals reach their fullest potential by being sensitive and accepting of their unique needs and personal virtues in important to him, valuing love, patience, and mindfulness above all else.

    Alexander is currently progressing towards an MSW in Clinical Practice at Columbia University. He earned two B.S. degrees at Oregon State University with a primary focus in the humanities. Along his journey he discovered a love for therapy and maintains a goal of becoming a licensed therapist specializing in mindfulness-based treatments.

    Life has taught me that by loving ourselves, seeking personal growth and development, we are able to help other people. Empathizing with clients who’ve experienced trauma and are suffering, and see pain, I want nothing more than to help guide clients navigate through life. Everyone is worth knowing and has a story to tell, and we can always learn from those we choose to help.”

    Alexander loves adventuring through life with his two little ones’, trail running, and writing poetry.

    Vanessa Campos, AMFT | Village Counseling and Wellness