WISE MIND ACCEPTS: A Guide for Teaching Your Clients Distress Tolerance Skills - Village Counseling & Wellness

A great resource to help you help your clients build the skills to handle tough times and intense emotions.

WISE MIND ACCEPTS is a simple DBT skill that you can teach your clients to help them build easy-to-use distress tolerance skills like:

  • using activities to de-escalate emotions
  • doing good to feel good
  • creative comparisons
  • generating different emotions
  • pushing away intense emotions
  • using thoughts to distract
  • and de-escalating through body sensations

It also comes with a super simple  worksheet that you can use with your clients to help them build their distress tolerance muscles!

Check Out Our Online DBT Skills Classes for Your Clients

Does your client need more support to build coping skills and distress tolerance right now? Check out our Online DBT Skills Class, a program designed to give your client some extra support in the therapeutic process. Your client can attend our group while they continue their work with you, which helps them build life skills and gives you some peace of mind.