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Who We Treat

Who We Treat:

Our caring, experienced therapists use evidence-based treatments to assist adults, teens, pre-teens, & families.

Adult Patients

At Village Counseling and Wellness, we have helped adults of all ages achieve the following goals:

  • Overcome depression

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Create and maintain satisfying relationships

  • Resolve past trauma

  • Rebound from grief and loss

  • Create and accomplish goals

  • Increase ability to cope with stress

  • Increase family harmony

  • Improve self-compassion and gain a stronger sense of self-worth

  • Overcome suicidal ideation

  • Stop self-harm

  • Teen & Pre-teen Patients

Parents & Families

Teens and preteens are constantly exposed to confusing messages by media and peers and require therapists who are experts in dealing with the issues they and their families face.

Our ultimate goal is to help young people learn and develop the skills necessary for a lifetime of emotional and relational success and set them on the path to becoming independent, healthy and successful adults.

We help teens and preteens with the following issues and more:

  • Development of coping skills to alleviate depression, anxiety and other forms of emotional dysregulation

  • Improve school performance

  • Create healthy peer and family relationships

  • Resist substance use

  • Create a healthy body image and avoid eating disorders

  • Increase family communication

  • Create and accomplish goals

  • Stop cutting and self-injury

  • Overcome suicidal ideation

  • Making good choices


  • Are you worried about your child?

  • Is your child having trouble with peers or family, feeling anxious, depressed or confused?

  • Do you feel you’ve tried everything to get through to your child, but still feel like you aren’t getting anywhere?

  • Have you run out of ideas? Out of patience? Out of hope?

We all know it’s tough growing up, but it may be even tougher to be a parent. We understand the anguish of seeing your child in pain and the feeling that nothing you try is working.

In our village, we aim for consistent parental involvement in treatment. As a parent, you are the most important person in your child’s life. As you communicate with us, we can offer advice on how to effectively help your teen at home and address any parenting questions you may have.

Many parents feel embarrassed or that they have failed if their child needs therapy. This is absolutely untrue. Family life is complicated and parents cannot be expected to take care of a multitude of responsibilities and be experts in child psychology, too.