Top Reasons to Refer a Client to DBT – Village Counseling & Wellness

Top Reasons to Refer a Client
to Our IOP or DBT Program


Your client struggles with suicidal ideation that is of concern to you and their loved ones.


Your client needs skills fast because they are experiencing self-harm urges or behaviors and/or are reporting suicidal ideation or attempts.


Your client is struggling to stay out of a hospital or residential treatment facility.


Your client had a recent hospitalization due to a mental health diagnosis, self-harming behaviors, or suicidal ideation.


Your client has a time-limit for treatment, such as being on mental health disability from work, plans to move away to school soon, or another reason for a limited period of time to “get functional”.


Your client needs more day-to-day structure to be successful in treatment than traditional therapy can provide.


Your client needs contact with a therapist more than once or twice a week.


Your client dysregulates very easily and needs focused support to stay on track.


Sessions with your client often focus on managing crisis rather than doing deeper work.


You feel helpless or ineffective as a therapist. Interventions that often work well for other clients just aren’t working.

Not sure if your client may be in need of a higher level of care, such as our IOP or comprehensive DBT programs? Our Founder and Executive Director, Suzette Bray, is happy to consult with you about our programs and how we might be a resource for your client.