Shane EsmundoExecutive Assistant & Outreach Coordinator

    Shane Esmundo is an Executive Assistant and Outreach Coordinator at Village Counseling and Wellness, and is part of the creative team behind our social media presence. She is a graduate of CSU Los Angeles and received her Bachelor’s of Science in Public Health.

    While in school, Shane worked as a research assistant for mental health and as a peer educator to raise awareness on campus about different health topics and resources. She has a specialized focus on Community Health and Health Education/Promotion, and plays a pivotal role in educating our community about Village Counseling and Wellness’ services.

    “The best thing about the clients we work with is how compassionate and understanding they can be. I like getting to see them make these positive changes during their time at Village Counseling and Wellness.”

    Shane is a foodie who trains in judo and jiu jitsu. She will begin CSU Northridge’s Master’s in Public Health program in Fall 2018 to continue her education in public health.