Online DBT Skills Classes in CA | Registration starts at $600

Online DBT Skills Classes | Open to *Any* Resident of CA

 Life can be especially hard under certain circumstances, and sometimes weekly therapy doesn’t feel like it’s enough. If you are currently working with a therapist and feel like you need supplemental support, we’re here to help.


Village Counseling and Wellness offers weekly online psychoeducation DBT skills classes. Designed as a supplement to weekly therapy, these DBT classes will help you build your coping skills and learn how to navigate life’s challenges in healthy and effective ways.

Our online DBT skills classes provide a unique opportunity to enhance your ability to cope with life’s ups and downs, make DBT treatment accessible in an online forum, and allow you to build DBT skills while you work with your current therapist.

In our DBT skills class, you will learn how to:

Manage stress effectively.

Increase your ability to manage uncomfortable feelings.

Communicate directly and speak your “truth.”

Improve your relationship skills and your ability to connect with others.

Build skills needed to create long-term stability and safety in your life.

When you learn these DBT skills, they become life-long tools you can use to help you navigate difficult situations, handle triggering events, and keep your emotions at bay when life gets tough. And the best part is that this program was created to provide additional support to weekly therapy – when you participate in our online DBT skills class, you get to keep working with your individual therapist!



Our online DBT skill classes will teach you all of the DBT skills over a six-month program, broken in 3 eight-week modules:

module 1:


module 2:


module 3:


Each module meets weekly for 8 weeks and is held on Zoom, which is a HIPAA-compliant online platform. Our modules are designed in a comprehensive manner, meaning you should join our program at the beginning of a module. However, we do allow participants to join after a module has started under certain circumstances. Please contact us for more information.


Requirements for Participation

As a participant, you get to keep working with your individual therapist. In fact, you will be required to be in weekly therapy to register and for the duration of your time in our classes. Village Counseling and Wellness will communicate with your therapist before you join and periodically throughout your time in our classes. Your therapist will also have the option to participate in a monthly case consultation group for therapists. Due to licensure requirements, only CA state residents are able to participate at this time.



The registration fee for one 8-week session is $600. When you register, you will have the option to pay for the full 8 weeks or to pay in two installments of $300.

To learn more about this program and how to register, please contact Village Counseling and Wellness.


For Therapists

Village Counseling and Wellness provides this program to partner with you to help clients who are in need of more support than just traditional talk therapy right now. In addition to the benefits to the client, this program also provides support to therapists with clients participating in classes.

If you have a client who is registered for classes, our program includes the following benefits for you:

One-on-one call with you and one of our therapists before your client begins classes.

Weekly email updates from our therapists with information about the skills taught for that week

Option to participate in a monthly case consultation meeting with other therapists who have clients in our DBT skills classes. This meeting is led by a therapist from Village Counseling and Wellness, and provides a forum for therapists to consult with us and with one another about specific clients.

Ongoing relationship with your client. Most DBT programs require your client to discontinue services with you to immerse themselves in the DBT program. In our DBT skills class, we consider ourselves a supplemental resource to the therapy you provide to the client and require participants to continue their engagement in weekly therapy with you.

If you have a client who may benefit from our DBT skills classes and want more information, please contact us. We’d love to speak with you.